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Wrote on 20/11/18 by Bruno Depré


AntiStatic ESD Solutions, abbreviated, A.E.S., is an internationally oriented company specializing in preventing severe damage caused by Static Electricity.

By using the most modern Web Shop A.E.S. offer a complete range of high quality ESD safe products. In order to guarantee this quality, only the strict quality control of A.E.S. determines which manufacturer is accepted and which products come on our Parent Web Shop.

We continuously search for partners all around the world that want to work and sell through our unique Franchise Web Shop concept.

And build a Long-term Franchise partnership based on trust and honesty that profits us both.

As Franchise partner you can lease an identical copy of our completely filled and ready to use Child Web Shop. All Partner Franchise Child Web Shops will be in your own "look and feel", personalized with your own logo, address and payment method.

Every Franchise Partner Web Shop will be SEO optimized, to rank on first page in Google, and is directly connected to our main Parent Web Shop.

If there is a product change, ALL appropriate adjustments are made in our Parent Web Shop by our A.E.S. team. By means of a unique and inventive synchronization system every adjustment will automatically be updated within a second, appear or disappear on every Partner's individual web shop and everyone will be notified in detail by email.

Every sold product is ordered via your Child Franchise Web Shop linked to ours, processed and passed to the manufacturer. You or your customer will receive the goods, directly send from the manufacturer.

This way of cooperation saves you years of Start-Up work and knowledge.

You can focus and concentrate 100% on your customers and sales while being profitable from the first second. 

Protection against harmfull effects of Static Electricity ESD

control of static electricity
ESD prevention - IEC 61340-5-1/5-2
ESD Support & Training

AntiStatic-ESD-Solutions bvba
Benelux Businesscenter
Boomsesteenweg 690
2610 Wilrijk
Tel: +32 (0)3 230 19 75
Fax: +32 (0)3 230 19 78

VAT: BE0678.529.648


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