Aerospace & Security & Defense Technology tremble for fear of ESD events, the invisible spark caused by an electrostatic discharge.

Wrote on 09/02/18 by Bruno Depré

Aerospace & Security & Defense Technology tremble, fear for static sparks. 

Why? Fear of failure, fear of crashing!

Aerospace & Security & Defense Technology Fear of failure, fear of crashing  

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All above mentioned articles, and many more, who warn of the harmful consequences of ..."the spark created by static electricity discharge".

An important reason to take static electricity seriously and avoid electrostatic discharge! 

AntiStatic-ESD-Solutions bvba makes its knowledge available for the prevention of damage caused by static electricity and prevents electrostatic discharges based on the guidelines described in the IEC61340 standard.

Visible protection from invisible dangers. 

ESD guidelines for setting up an ESD protected working environment (EPA)

ESD Workbenches
ESD Chairs
ESD Furniture
ESD Clothing
ESD Shoes
ESD Personal Grounding
ESD Flooring
ESD Table Mats
ESD Storage & Warehousing
ESD Packaging
ESD Precision Hand Tools
ESD Training & Support
ESD Cleaning & Maintenance


control of static electricity
ESD prevention - IEC 61340-5-1/5-2
ESD Support & Training

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