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Online ESD-Workbench Configurator.

Anti-Static ESD workstations & Technical Furniture.


Make your choice:

  • Workbenches ESD & Technical ALLIANCE
  • Workbenches ESD & Technical ALLIANCE Additional
  • Workbenches ESD & Technical ALPHA
  • Workbenches ESD & Technical CLASSIC
  • Workbenches ESD & Technical COMFORT
  • Workbenches ESD & Technical CONSTANT
  • Workbenches ESD & Technical OSTROV
  • Workstations Heavy Duty VERSTAK

                                                                    Configure ESD workbench                                                                    


Static Electricity can be treated, controlled and prevented by observing a number of basic rules. 

It is only through the efficient application of these basic rules, in the right way, in the correct chronological order, that much suffering can be prevented. 

AntiStatic-ESD-Solutions bvba is ready to help you. 

Antistatic ESD Workbenches
Antistatic ESD Chairs
Antistatic ESD Furniture
Antistatic ESD Clothing
Antistatic ESD Shoes
Antistatic ESD Personal Grounding
Antistatic ESD Flooring
Antistatic ESD Table Mats
Antistatic ESD Storage & Warehousing
Antistatic ESD Packaging
ESD Precision Hand Tools
ESD Training & Support
Antistatic ESD Cleaning & Maintenance


control of static electricity
ESD prevention - IEC 61340-5-1/5-2
ESD Support & Training

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