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ESD clothing - ESD garment Anti Static clothing.


We can not emphasize enough, ESD garment must be certified by reputable institutes according the ESD standard DIN EN 61340-5-1:2008 according European standards and ANSI-S2020 according USA standards.

ESD clothing is only a small, but extremely important key to quality to guarantee electronic products. Not adequate clothing disrupts the production, damage electronic components, and caused a large drop-out in the way of non- or bad working, and even worse, damaged electronic products.

ESD clothing must protect the electrical charges and discharges. Unfortunately most people in the electronics industry also most of the companies who supply "ESD-safe products" have insufficient knowledge of ESD. They buy or sell expensive products including ESD clothing, but they do not know exactly what those products do, how they work, what they can cause ...

ESD kledij

An "ESD coat" is a jacket with conductive properties. In practice this means that in the coat a conductive yarn is woven into a a specific pattern. This pattern can take many forms but will they meet the international accepted ESD-standards, the "Grid" is the only option. This pattern must be taken to ensure that controlled loads are discharged. The conductive yarns may not be more
than 10mm apart.

An ESD jacket should have a clear ESD identification.

ESD symbool ESD-kledij .

DIN EN 61340 - Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena
ESD = Electrostatic Discharge

  • Produced by: friction, material separation and/or electrostaticinduction (magnetic field, field effects)
  • Effects of humidity
  • Degradation: Partial damage of device; likely that it will fail at a later point
  • AQL guidelines require that we start by conditioning products regularly in a climate chamber with 25% humidity.
    Both surface resistance and discharge time are then assessed. Both test methods are described in the very
    recent DIN EN IEC 61340-4-9 and in the American ESD standard ANSI/ESD STM 2.1.

We distinguish two large groups conducting materials: "carbon" and "metal".

The "carbon wire coats" are the most known and used ESD coats.
Although, new, almost all ESD garments fulfill the ESD standards but..., these jackets are really suffering under the washing process. Detergent and temperature have a deadly effect on the carbon fibers. Metal yarn jackets are much less subject to decay. Therefore it is extremely important to check your coats on frequent intervals. The half-yearly measurement, such as the EN 61340-5-1 prescribes, gives you the risk you work during a half year NOT-ESD safe!

ESD coats should not be a(nti)-static (low charging) but have to be conductive. Importantly, all the coats have to be checked on a regular frequency. This obviously applies for all ESD clothing.




ESD-veilige kledij

                ESD-lab-coat                                               ESD-Coverall 

ESD-stofjas    ESD-Overall

               ESD-pants                                                       ESD-suspender pants

ESD-broek     ESD-bretelbroek

             ESD-bodywarmer                                                   ESD-Parka

ESD-bodywarmer    ESD-Parka

                 ESD-T-Shirt                                              ESD-Polo-Shirt

ESD-T-Shirt  ESD-Polo-Shirt

        ESD-gloves                                                               ESD-socks

ESD-Handschoenen  ESD-sokken


Antistatic clothing

Static Electricity can be treated, controlled and prevented by observing a number of basic rules. 

It is only through the efficient application of these basic rules, in the right way, in the correct chronological order, that much suffering can be prevented. 

AntiStatic-ESD-Solutions bvba is ready to help you. 

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