New Scientific Study Confirms Grounding Reduces Inflammation, Stress, Blood Thickness and Burn-Out.

Wrote on 01/04/18 by Bruno Depré

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New Study Confirms Grounding Reduces Inflammation, Stress and Blood Thickness

Grounding studies have consistently produced evidence of rapidly reduced inflammation, stress, and blood thickness.

A new published study with massage therapists confirmed improvements in all three categories as a result of grounding.

Massage therapists were chosen for the experiment because the physical demands of their work typically lead to fatigue and soreness/pain. Chronic inflammation is an occupational hazard, the cause of carpal tunnel, tendonitis, painful fingers, hands, elbows, and shoulders, and a host of other work-related overuse injuries. A lack of effective relief prompts many therapists to abandon their profession prematurely. They burn out.

A double-blind study was set up over a six-week period involving 16 therapists employed at The Chopra Center for Wellness in Carlsbad, California. For the first and last weeks of the trial, they worked and slept ungrounded, as was usual for them. They were grounded at work and at home, during sleep, for the month in between.

The grounding equipment used at work was a floor mat placed around the massage table. Therapists worked either barefoot or wearing grounded footwear. At home, they slept with a grounded body band, wrapped around the midsection. Participants received new coded grounding cords on a weekly basis - either allowing or blocking grounding - that connected the equipment to grounded outlets. .

Blood sampling and other measurement techniques were used to monitor and compare the effects of grounding with non-grounding.

The results showed that when grounded, stress was reduced as recorded by measurements of heart rate, heart rate variability, and respiratory rate.

There was also a significant lowering effect on blood thickness (viscosity) that lasted a week after ungrounding. Thick blood is a risk factor for cardiovascular conditions.

Within a week of ungrounding, the therapists' levels of inflammatory blood markers (such as IFN-gamma, TNF-alpha, and high sensitivity CRP) increased significantly and rapidly.

The researchers concluded that grounding is beneficial for massage therapists in many ways, and appears to protect them from "burnout."
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