The Planetary Fix for Planet Earth's Pain Epidemic: Grounding.

Wrote on 02/06/18 by Bruno Depré

Pain Relief: Get Better Sleep, optimizing sleep by Earthing or grounding'.

 Grounding: A Planetary Fix for Planet Earth's Pain Epidemic

Chronic pain affects huge numbers of people. By one estimate, 20 percent of adults globally. In the U.S., an estimated third of the population, and more than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined, at a cost of well over half-a-trillion dollars in treatment costs and lost productivity.

Those are crazy off-the-chart statistics. How is it possible in this age of medical miracles? Something is tragically wrong that so much pain exists in the first place and that, for many pain patients, the road to relief is elusive and frustrating, often through multiple health professionals who cannot identify the cause or an effective and safe remedy.

Treatments typically feature painkilling drugs that create many side effects. Some drugs are addictive, such as opioid medication, chemical cousins of heroin, morphine, and methadone. They have created a sharp increase in drug-related deaths: a record 42,000 in the U.S. in 2016, 40% of which involved a prescription opioid. So bad is the situation, that the U.S. Government declared a health emergency in 2017.

Strong opiates are said to be tightly controlled in Europe but fears are growing that the problem is on the rise there as well.

In this bizarre pain-epidemic situation, grounding has the potential to significantly ease pain by knocking down inflammation commonly associated with pain. Many doctors recommend an anti-inflammatory diet to reduce pain. They need to also recommend grounding because the planet itself is possibly the most effective and natural anti-inflammatory on the planet. Mother Earth has amazing healing properties.

If you would like more details on how grounding impacts inflammation and pain, please read this research paper.

Here are some brief recent testimonials showing grounding power for a wide variety of pain-related problems:

● Tracy Latz, MD., an integrative psychiatrist in Mooresville, NC: "I have told many dozens of patients to get grounded. They have come back and said they feel more grounded, and their pain seems to diminish. They feel less anxious. One patient is a woman with chronic back pain, ruptured disks, and a history of back surgery. She has gone out for about an hour most days for five years to stand barefoot on the ground in the stable where she keeps her horses. Or she lays on the grass if weather is good. She gets significant pain relief. Her doctors say they are amazed. She tells them she is grounding. They are perplexed. Just keep doing it, they say."

● Wendy Menigoz, DN, a pain specialist in Bourbonnais, Illinois, has been routinely recommending grounding to patients for eight years. "People I see are often desperate," she says. "After an initial consultation, I give them some grounding patches, and tell them to come back in a week. I tell them to ground themselves in bed at night. They come back, with their pain dramatically reduced, sometimes gone altogether. I see patients with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, and everything in between. Some, after experiencing significant benefits from Earthing, have asked me, ‘How long do I have to do this?' I laugh, and answer that for as long as they want to feel better."

● From a pipe fitter with shoulder arthritis: "When I heard about grounding, I wanted to see if it could do anything for me. Working with my arms most of my adult life, I developed osteoarthritis in my shoulders. I also have psoriatic arthritis which shows up with lower back pain, and severe psoriasis. I have been living with this for at least 10 years. I was told by doctors 17 years ago that I needed to have both my shoulders replaced. Because of my bad shoulders I have not had a good night sleep for those 17 years, because of my constant tossing and turning in pain all night long. The first night I tried sleeping grounded I slept through the night without pain, and woke up feeling great. I have been doing this for about two months. The pain in my shoulders has been reduced more than 50% compared to before. I'm sleeping much better. I use an Earthing throw and a wrist band.

● From a retired counselor and therapist in Virginia with rheumatoid arthritis: "I was diagnosed in 2016 and the rheumatologist said to me: ‘It's going to get worse, and other things will start going wrong. You can pray, but it won't do you any good.' Then he offered me a Methotrexate prescription. I researched the drug and decided it made no sense to take some man-made chemicals that only slow the damage, and most likely damage other parts of the body in the process. I declined...and began looking into nutrition and lifestyle changes.
"I discovered grounding and started doing it daily in February 2018. I noticed a decrease in joint pain almost immediately. When first diagnosed with RA, I'd say my pain was around 7 (out of 10). These days, a couple of months later, when I have pain and fatigue, it's around 2/3. But gratefully that hasn't happened for some time. The only pain I've felt lately has been slight, in my fingers, and that may be part of Sjogen's Syndrome, a condition often accompanying RA that includes dry eyes, mouth, and nose, and occasional fatigue. Grounding has reduced my pain so much that I almost feel normal. I have a mat beneath my desk, and another for my bed. It's a beautiful thing - Grounding."

● From a woman with fibromyalgia: "I have suffered with muscle and joint pain for 35 years. The fibromyalgia pain was so intense at times that all I could do is sit on my couch and rock myself and cry. The pain was so deep that a massage wouldn't touch it. Myopressure therapy was helpful, with the elbow pressed so deeply into my muscles that I would have bruises afterwards. I longed to have someone reach those deep pressure points that seemed to connect with even deeper pressure points. I would moan and cry in a kind of agonizing relief during that kind of therapy. There wasn't a place on my body that didn't hurt.
"I've had doctors throw the medical history sheet in front of me and say, ‘no way!, I'm not touching this.' In 2010 or 2011, I read the grounding book and purchased a grounding mat. After using it for about a month, I noticed one day that I was not hurting so much. I wondered why. I then realized it was the grounding mat. As time went on I realized that my pain was not nearly what it had been. I totally credit the grounding for the relief. If I rated my pain before I started grounding on a scale 1-10, it would be an 8 or 9 on a regular basis. Sometimes it was off the scale. Now, on a normal day my pain is at a 2 or 3, and a bad day, compared to five years ago, is about a 4. If I leave home and forget to take my mat I really notice. I don't sleep as well, and I hurt the next day. I'm so afraid to go without it. The thought of hurting like I did for so many years is frightening."

● From a medical doctor in Australia with neck pain: "I am quite astonished at the effectiveness of sleeping grounded. I have had a chronic neck and back pain issue with often severe stress states associated with it. The improvement in my sleep and in my pain and stiffness in only 3 nights has been dramatic. It is clear that the grounding sheet will soon pay for itself in terms of reduced requirement for massage and chiropractic treatment, not to mention analgesic medication. As a medical practitioner I am surprised that this seems to be the best kept health secret in town."
If you know somebody with a pain problem don't try to convince the person that grounding will reduce their pain. Save your breath. Just ask him/her to indulge you by sirtting/walking barefoot in the patio,yard, park or on the beach. For a half hour or hour. Ask to make a mental note of their pain level at the start and then at the end. The experience will make that person a believer. Not you.

Source: The Earthing Institute

What is Earthing?

The earth is negatively charged, that is, there is an abundance of negatively charged electrons in the earth. Because of our way of life (wearing shoes, our buildings, means of transport ...), positive charges build up in our body. We are separated from the earth by non-conductive materials. In an airplane we are even completely separated from the earth.

Because of the constant electromagnetic waves, we build even more positive charges in our bodies.

Earthing means: providing a conductive link between your body and the negatively charged earth. When there is a connection (for example, walking in the grass on your bare feet) the charge will move from the place of abundance to the place where there is less.

By grounding you get free negative electrons in your body that balance the positive charges.

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